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Lubricool™ – water soluble lubricants for copper and other non-ferrous metal-drawing, rolling and annealers

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An extensive and robust soluble wire drawing range of lubricants. Lubricool™ is designed for drawing non- ferrous wire and provides consistent and reliable performance over a wide variety of conditions. The range uses the latest synthetic technologies and has been developed for drawing applications from rod to superfine. The Lubricool™ range also includes products for the rolling of copper strip and continuous annealers.

Lubricool™ is currently used by many of the World's leading cable and non-ferrous wire producers. Lubricool™ is also recognised and endorsed by many machine manufacturers such as NIEHOFF, SAMP and SICTRA.


Features and benefits

  • Excellent lubrication properties reduce wear on dies and cones and increases drawing speeds.
  • Provides an exceptionally smooth, bright and clean finish to the drawn wire, making it suitable for annealing and plating processes as well as in the manufacture of insulated cable.
  • Excellent emulsion stability and resistance to soap formation maximises sump life.
  • Increased lubricity of the emulsion reduces wire break frequency.
  • Superior detergency maintains the machines in a clean condition.
  • Additive package combination produces a high resistance to excessive foaming and bacterial and fungal attack.
  • Emulsion structure produces excellent filterability on both media (paper) type and hydrocyclone systems.
  • Superior anti-corrosion properties to protect machine parts and the wire surface.

The Lubricool™ Range

Lubricool™ 22G

Lubricool™ 22G is a high-performance, heavy-duty rod breakdown lubricant which also performs well in intermediate and fine wire applications suitable for plain copper, tin plated copper and wires to be enamelled.

Lubricool™ 318

A high-performance lubricant for high-speed fine and superfine wire production on modern single and multiwire machines. Suitable for enamelled wire production and tin-plated wires.

Lubricool™ 44

A highly versatile product with added lubricity performance allowing the product to work in both rod breakdown and multiwire applications. Can also be used for drawing fine brass and aluminium/alloy wires.

Lubricool™ 250

A fully synthetic product for ultrafine copper wires down to 0.01mm. Produces a very clean surface finish and is good for enamelled wire production.

Lubricool™ 450

A versatile drawing oil suitable for both fine and multiwire machines.

Lubricool™ AC

A semi synthetic additive specially formulated for use in the continuous annealer systems of multiwire machines where wire brightness and cleanliness are particularly important.

Metaclean™ AA

A highly active liquid corrosion inhibitor for the protection of copper wire, recommended for use where the risk of oxidation and tarnish is heightened as a direct result of climatic and process conditions.

Metaclean™ NEC-50/NP/EC

An emulsion conditioner, which improves the cleaning power, stability and generally revitalises the condition of aged emulsions.

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