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Metachain™ – a range of fully synthetic chain oils

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The Metachain™ products are a range of fully synthetic high temperature chain oils. The range has been formulated using the latest synthetic base oils, anti-oxidants and anti-wear additives to meet the demands of specific chain applications for use in ovens where conventional oils cannot function properly.


Features and benefits

  • Highly resistant to carbonisation which leads to a reduction in the amount of oil applied over a defined period
  • Excellent resistance to carbonisation will also lead to a lower level of evaporation and carbon build-up on the chain system and internal surfaces of the oven
  • A unique combination of anti-wear additives will reduce the friction and metal-to-metal contact on the chain system which will lead to longer chain life and improved consumption of the chain oil.

The traditional challenges faced by any operator of a high temperature oven are that the oil that lubricates the chain will gradually carbonise and lose its lubrication properties. Metachain™ products use the latest synthetic base oils and additives and have been formulated to achieve a balance between the enhanced technological performance provided by the product and the cost to our end users.

The Metachain™ HT Range

The Metachain™ HT range is designed to offer ultra-high performance, high temperature chain oils to industrial users with ovens chains in a multitude of different market sectors. This product range offers synthetic ester based technology and world-leading anti-oxidant technology which provides extended lubrication intervals with minimal levels of carbon deposits.

Metachain™ HT

Metachain™ HT is suitable for general purpose chain applications in a variety of ovens and is formulated using a combination of two ester grades along with the latest anti-oxidants and anti-wear additives to enhance the life of the oil. Capable of operating up to 260°C.

Metachain™ HTS

Metachain™ HTS is designed to perform to an extremely high standard. This product contains a different variation of esters to the HT grade. The enhanced performance from the ester package ensures that the chain oil achieves a much longer stability at elevated temperatures than more conventionally formulated high temperature oils. Capable of operating up to 280°C.

Metachain™ HTS-X

Metachain™ HTS-X is our highest performing high temperature chain oil. This product is formulated on a single, ultra high performance ester, and is complimented with a world-class additive package to enhance the oxidation stability and anti-wear properties. Capable of operating up to 300°C.

The Metachain™ PF Range

This product range is specifically designed to lubricate the chain systems of plastic film stretching machines manufactured by Bruckner Machinenbau GmbH of Germany.

Metachain™ PF-11

Designed for operation on all sliding chain FOK type machines up to and including FOK4.4.4

Metachain™ PF-13

Design for operation on roller chain FOK 5 type machines.

Metachain™ PF-22

Designed for use on all sliding chain FOK type machines up to and including FOK4.4.6

Metachain™ PF-34

Designed for use on all sliding chain FOK type machines up to and including FOK4.4.8

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