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Alumol™ 145

A Hungarian customer had a history of using Alumol™ 145 for drawing a mixture of pure and alloy aluminium rod at 25-30 m/sec on Henrich rod breakdown machines with 4000L tanks.

The customer decided to trial a locally sourced alternative.


The comparison showed that the competitor product thickened at an accelerated rate. After only 8 months/2000T drawn the product had become so thick it could no longer be pumped. The Alumol™ 145 used at the same time lasted for 19 months/4520T drawn.

This meant that the machine using Alumol™ 145 produced cleaner wire and had a much greater level of efficiency.

This efficiency was further extended at this customer by subsequently introducing Alumol™ VRX. Alumol™ VRX is a performance booster for Alumol™ products. Now as the oil comes to the end of its life, additions of Alumol™ VRX are utilised to reduce the viscosity and improve the lubricity. This maintains the high quality of the finished wire.


Alumol™ 145 was proven to have a longer sump life and produce cleaner wire, giving greater machine efficiency and finished wire quality.

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