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Another successful trial of Metaform™ W550EP

HT Brigham is a UK metal stamping supplier specialising in the manufacture of high volume metal pressings for numerous industries across the world.

HT Brigham has a range of transfer and progression presses. Components are manufactured on presses up to 400T from mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, ranging from 0.1mm to 6mm

HT Brigham were having diffculty achieving the desired surface fnish on deep drawn automotive components. Post pressing, they were having to use a number of polishing passes to complete the part. Several competitor products had been trialled.


Metaform™ W550EP was trialled to produce heavy-pressed bearing rings from 3mm stainless steel over a 20,000 part run.

The results were clear:

  • Competitor product 20% Curtis SDD 100E - Component required 4 polishing passes
  • Competitor product Irmco 980-156-20 - Component required 2 polishing passes
  • Metalube™ 30% Metaform W550EP - No polishing required

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