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“Metaglass™ has reduced downtime and extended the life of our blades” Anil Kumar, Production Manager

JG is a producer off glass bottles based in Malaysia, running five M-Hart IS Machines. Following emulsion stability issues with their lubricant, Glasscut 106 by Lubetron, JG trialled Metalube® Metaglass™ SL-40 with the aim of improving stability while maintaining glass quality.

The cutting process involves emulsion sprayed from four nozzles directly onto the gob and blade. Previously JG had used Lubetron’s Glasscut 106, but were having problems with emulsion stability. This was causing nozzle blockage, resulting in quality issues in the glass due to insufficient lubrication or uneven spray of emulsion during the cutting process.


The trial found Metaglass™ SL-40 to have greatly improved emulsion stability compared to Glasscut 106 and no quality issues with the glass surface. Laboratory tests also found Metaglass™ SL-40 to have better emulsion stability, especially in hard water. Glasscut produced oil separation and hard water scum which can cause nozzle blockage. Compared to Glasscut, Metaglass™ suffered much less from oil separation and showed excellent re-emulsification, as well as better thermal stability. These qualities result in enhanced blade life and reduced downtine due to nozzle blockage.

Mr. Anil Kumar, Production Manager of JG said: “Metaglass™ gives a more stable emulsion and good surface quality. This will reduce downtime and protect our blades which are expensive to replace.”

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