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Reduced wear and deposits, improved machine efficiency with Metaglass™ IS-220

Frigoglass were using Rocol Sapphire High Torque 220, a semi-synthetic gear box oil, to lubricate their Emhart IS machines. They were experiencing excessive levels of wear on the sliders, especially when manufacturing smaller bottles that require a higher machine speed. High levels of deposits formed across all parts of the machines, requiring regular cleaning as the varnish-like deposits affect operation speed.

Metalube® recommended Metaglass™ IS-220 - specially designed for IS machines, the fully synthetic oil can operate at higher temperatures.

A sample of Rocol Sapphire was taken and sent to the Metalube® UK laboratory for analysis. The results were conclusive in demonstrating that Rocol Sapphire was an unsuitable lubricant for the application.

In comparison, Metaglass™ IS-220 was shown to have superior anti-wear properties, thermal stability at high temperatures, and lower evaporation rates.


Frigoglass took one drum of Metaglass™ for trial and within a month confirmed improved performance. Machines were cleaner, with reduced wear and a reduction in oil use.

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