Metachain™ CB-100 Cuts Oil Consumption By 50% On Siempelkamp Press


A UK manufacturer of sustainable timber construction panels was experiencing issues with the bottom steel band of their 46m Siempelkamp Press running dry and depositing large amounts of carbon and waste oil.  In order to ensure consistency and adequate lubrication, the chain oils were being deliberately over applied. As a result, the press produced excess waste oil that needed to be drained at a rate of 100 litres per week. 

METALUBE was invited to inspect the press to improve the cleanliness and reduce waste. 


METALUBE recommended Metachain CB-100, a product developed specifically to address the lubrication of steel belts in continuous panel presses. Shortly after implementation, the customer was able to reduce the consumption of chain oils to 10 litres per day. Additional testing also revealed greater lubrication consistency and improved cleanliness. The resulting cost savings due to the reduction of volume, and reduced downtime equalled £47,500/per annum. 

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