Metachain™ Saves £60,000/Year on Dieffenbacher Press By Reducing Downtime


A UK manufacturer of sustainable timber construction panels had historically used specialised belt, roller, chain and rod lubrication for their Dieffenbacher CPS+ continuous presses but had encountered issues including high carbon deposits left by lubricants, and excessive wear on bending rods. 


After running Metachain CB-100 & CB-200 for 3 years on two Dieffenbacher continuous presses, the customer has realised significant savings equating to over £60,000/year in avoided maintenance and a 2% increase in output and plant efficiency.

  • Greatly reduced carbon build up on components
  • Extended bending rod life
  • Reduced wear on all major components 
  • Eliminated the need for scheduled roller maintenance
  • Reduced production 'down-time'