Metalube Hosts Global Team for Annual Technical Services Review

Metalube Hosts Global Team for Annual Technical Services Review

Metalube are thrilled to announce the successful hosting of its worldwide team for the annual technical services review.

This pivotal event, held at our UK headquarters in Irlam Manchester underscores Metalube’s commitment to maintaining the highest global business standards and staying connected with representatives across all markets.

Left to right our global technical support team: Ricardo Neves, Rui Rocha, Zaid Ahmad, Amit Gupte, Shahrin Abu Bakar, Emma Pates

“Ensuring continuous debriefings with our international team keeps everyone informed on the latest developments. This practice is crucial for sustaining our global business standards. Nurturing robust connections with our representatives worldwide. The annual technical services review provides a platform for each regional representative to present updates from their respective fields. Sharing new data from customers, and discuss trends within local industries.

Douglas Hunt, Commercial Director
Technical support presentations: Ricardo Neves, Zaid Ahmed, Emma Pates

Emma Pates, Metalube’s Technical Services Manager, plays a key role in this initiative by ensuring that the global team remains focused and unified. Her leadership ensures that each region is adequately represented within the company.

The event was attended by:

  • Rui Rocha – Metalube’s Technical Services Manager and represents Metalube’s European operations based in Portugal
  • Ricardo Neves – Technical Sales Manager representing Metalube’s South American operations based in Brazil
  • Amit Gupte – General Manager for the Metalube India team
  • Ts. Mohd Shahrin Abu Bakar – Technical Services Manager for Arabia and Asia, Shahrin is currently based in Malaysia
  • Zaid Ahmad – Technical Sales Manager for Metalube across Arabia and the Middle East, currently based in Dubai

Maintaining a strong link between the UK headquarters and global representatives is vital for advancing Metalube’s global presence. These connections are fundamental for the company’s operations across more than 100 countries.


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