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Metalube Offers a Greener Solution for Tube Production

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Metalube has created a new and environmentally friendly range of lubricants for cooling, rollforming and rust prevention. These ground-breaking greener products provide a technical edge and are making significant inroads into the Tube & Pipe Industry. Factories employing these lubricant solutions are witnessing a notable reduction to their carbon footprint without comprising on quality or performance.

Metalube’s Cool-Tek range of tube lubricants contains 80% less mineral oil, which has traditionally been an active ingredient in most lubricants and rust preventatives. Additionally, mineral oil based lubricants rely heavily on solvents as a carrier agent. These solvents can be harmful to operators and are derived from crude oil which causes environmental issues whilst being extracted and processed.

The Metalube research and development team has achieved an unrivalled greener, safer lubricant within its Cool-Tek range of rollforming coolants by utilising a semi-synthetic hybrid technology that limits the amount of mineral oil in the product. Recent testing has shown a reduced consumption of 0.25L/T of which only 28g is mineral oil.

Alongside Cool-Tek, Metalube has also developed a revolutionary water-based rust preventative, Meta-Shield W1000D. Formulated to provide optimised performance for the modern tube producer (compatibility with coolants, no emissions/fumes, fast drying, easier clean off), Meta-Shield W1000D like Cool-Tek greatly reduces the reliance on mineral oil-based solvents.

Wayne Thornhill, Global Product Manager says: “We are delighted to bring these advanced greener lubricants to the market. It is very much our responsibility to help our customers create safer operating environments and to reduce carbon footprint. The good news is that these additional benefits do not impact on the great performance that our clients have come to expect from Metalube products.”

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