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High-Temperature Chain Oils

A comprehensive, high-performance range of fully-synthetic chain oils for industry

Metachain™ is a range of fully synthetic, high-temperature chain oils. The range has been formulated using the latest synthetic base oils, anti-oxidants and anti-wear additives to meet the specific demands of chain applications in high-temperature processes where conventional oils fail to perform.

The industries we serve are:

  • Plastic film stretching
  • Wood-based panel presses
  • Glass-wool and mineral wool insulation
  • Ceramic and porcelain ovens
  • Textile stenters
  • Bakeries
  • Paint and powder coat curing
  • Plasterboard

Features and Benefits

  • High resistance to oxidisation which yields longer ‘wet life’
  • Significantly reduced carbonisation
  • Exceptionally low oil volatility reduces consumption
  • Unique combination of anti-wear additives reduces friction and wear
  • Excellent thermal stability enables extended lubrication frequencies
  • Most importantly component life is enhanced resulting in the following benefits:
    • Less downtime
    • Higher output capability
    • Reduced engineers time
    • Minimised parts spend


Metachain™ Wood Panelling Products

The Metachain™ CB range has been specifically formulated to meet the specifications of wood panel press machine manufacturers such as Dieffenbacher and Siempelkamp GmbH among others. Employing the latest in lubrication technology, the range provides excellent lubrication and thermal transfer properties whilst ensuring minimal residue formation.

  • Metachain™ CB-100 - Designed for use on continuous wood panel presses for the lubrication of steel belts. Metachain™ CB-100 is approved by Dieffenbacher due to its high quality and performance.
  • Metachain™ CB-200 - Designed for the lubrication of the chain and roller systems on continuous wood panel presses. Metachain™ CB-200 is approved by Dieffenbacher for its ability to reduce wear and extend bending rod life.
  • Metachain™ CB-300 - Formulated using advanced additives, this fully synthetic lubricant cleans the chain and roller system on high temperature continues wood panel presses.
  • Metalife™ CB-401/402 - Extended lubrication life greases for roller bearings working at elevated temperature environments in continuous wood panel presses.

Metachain™ Plastic Film Stretching Products

Metachain™ PF range of products are high-performance, fully synthetic lubricants specifically designed to lubricate and protect the TDO chain systems of plastic film (BOPP, BOPET etc) stretching machines(in particular, those manufactured by Bruckner Machinenbau). Utilising the latest technology additive system, the PF range minimises friction between the sliding material (in particular PEEK) and track and protects chain components from wear.

  • Metachain™ PF-11 - Formulated for sliding chains, FOK 4.4.4 and speeds up to 350 m/min
  • Metachain™ PF-13 - Formulated for rolling chains, FOK 5 type machines
  • Metachain™ PF-22 - Formulated for sliding chains, FOK 4.4.6 and speeds up to 450 m/min
  • Metachain™ PF-32 - Formulated for sliding chains, FOK 4.8 and speeds up to 450 m/min
  • Metachain™ PF-34 - Formulated for sliding chains, FOK 4.8 and speeds up to 450 m/min
  • Metachain™ PF-35 - Formulated for sliding chains, FOK 4.4.6 and speeds up to 450 m/min. Metachain™ PF-35 is NSF - H1 registered for food safety standards.

Metachain™ Food Industry Products

Metachain™ FG range has been formulated for numerous clean industry chain applications, including bakery traveling ovens, provers, coolers, overhead systems in meat processing and pin chains on aluminium canning lines. Metachain™ FG meets the highest safety standards of any audit body and is fully compliant and NSF registered.

  • Metachain™ FG-25 - Fully synthetic chain oil formulated to meet multiple demands in food production environments. Fully compliant with NSF H1 requirements, FG-25 is suitable for use for a wide range of clean applications and operating temperatures - 40°C to +260°C.
  • Metachain™ FG-30 - Designed to give excellent lubrication on roller and conveyor chains in the food and clean industries, FG-30 is NSF H1 registered and has an operating temperature of - 30°C to +280°C.
  • Metachain™ FG-35 - Similar in performance to FG-30, FG-35 has a thinner viscosity for applications where enhanced penetration or application through a centralised lubrication system is required.
  • Metachain™ FG-40 - Similar in performance to FG-30, FG 40 is NSF-H2 registered and is designed for use in a food environment where contact with food cannot occur.
  • Metachain™ FG-45 - A thicker viscosity chain lubricant, FG-45 employs the same characteristics as FG-40.

Metachain™ Glass Wool Industry Products

Metachain™ GW has been developed to withstand the extreme temperatures encountered in curing ovens and forming stations for glass and mineral wool insulation. Formulated for use on Munstermann and other oven systems, Metachain™ GW has a high flash point and minimal carbon residue formation to reduce the potential for combustion of the oil or residue at extreme temperatures.

  • Metachain™ GW-410 - Fully synthetic high-temperature chain lubricant for use in mineral and glass wool curing ovens.
  • Metachain™ GW-420 - Fully synthetic superior high-temperature chain lubricant for use in mineral and glass wool curing ovens. Metachain™ GW-420 pushes the boundaries of high-temperature chain lubricants to deliver superior performance in operation.
  • Metachain™ GW-430 - A lower viscosity grade of GW-410, GW-430 delivers increased penetration and ease of application.
  • Metachain™ GW-440 - A lower viscosity grade of GW-420, GW-440 delivers increased penetration and ease of application.
  • Metachain™ GW-411 - A high performance, synthetic lubricants for glass and mineral wool insulation curing ovens. An advanced additive package minimises friction and wear, protecting against thermo-oxidative degradation and ensuring that carbon deposit build-up and lacquer formation is minimised.
  • Metachain™ EL-46 - Chain lubricants for mineral and glass wool forming sections, where high wash down occurs. Where biodegradability and water contamination are a concern, Metachain™ EL is both biodegradable and Ecolabel registered.

Metachain™ Gypsum Industry Products

Metachain™ DW are dedicated high-temperature chain lubricants for use on drying ovens manufactured by Grenzebach GmbH and other machines used in the production of drywall or gypsum boards.

  • Metachain™ DW-101 - Originally formulated for Grenzebach GmbH machines, but also compatible with similar machines used in the production of drywall and gypsum boards.
  • Metachain™ DW-280 - A high viscosity chain oil, this high-performance synthetic lubricant is ideal for heavier chains.

Metachain™ Paint Coating Products

Metachain™ PC-125 is specifically formulated for use in painting conveyor chain applications. Formulated to be compatible with aqueous painting processes and e-coating process, Metachain™ PC-125 also has excellent resistance to chemical attack.

Metachain™ Textile Lubricants

Metachain™ TS has been optimized to offer cost-effective lubrication for textile stenters and ceramic ovens where thermal stability and high lubricity of the synthetic base fluids minimise consumption and improve productivity.

  • Metachain™ TS-300 - Metachain™ TS-300 is formulated for use on stenters at operating temperatures up to +260°C

Metachain™ Multi-Purpose Chain Lubricant

The Metachain™ multi-purpose range offers premium performance to industrial users in a wide variety of applications. The products are based on synthetic ester technology and class-leading anti-oxidants which provide extended lubrication intervals with minimal levels of carbon deposits.

  • Metachain™ HTS - Suitable for automatic lubrication systems for use on all roller and conveyor type chains.
  • Metachain™ DF-600 - Ideal for use where conventional oils fail, DF-600 is a dry film high-temperature chain lubricant.

Pack Sizes

Metachain™ products are supplied in 200L barrels and 1000L IBCs

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