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High-Temperature Chain Oils

A comprehensive, high-performance range of fully-synthetic chain oils for industry

Metachain™ is a range of fully synthetic, high-temperature chain oils. The range has been formulated using the latest synthetic base oils, anti-oxidants and anti-wear additives to meet the specific demands of chain applications in high-temperature processes where conventional oils fail to perform.

The industries we serve are:

  • Plastic film stretching
  • Wood-based panel presses
  • Glass-wool and mineral wool insulation
  • Ceramic and porcelain ovens
  • Textile stenters
  • Bakeries
  • Paint and powder coat curing
  • Plasterboard

Features and Benefits

  • High resistance to oxidisation which yields longer ‘wet life’
  • Significantly reduced carbonisation
  • Exceptionally low oil volatility reduces consumption
  • Unique combination of anti-wear additives reduces friction and wear
  • Excellent thermal stability enables extended lubrication frequencies
  • Most importantly component life is enhanced resulting in the following benefits:
    • Less downtime
    • Higher output capability
    • Reduced engineers time
    • Minimised parts spend


Metachain™ Wood Panelling Products

The Metachain™ CB range is specifically designed for use on wood panel-based panel board presses manufactured by companies such as Dieffenbacher GmbH and Siempelkamp GmbH. They provide excellent lubrication and thermal transfer properties whilst ensuring minimal residue formation.

  • Metachain™ CB-100 - Designed for use on continuous wood panel presses for lubrication of steel belts. Metachain™ CB-100 is approved by Dieffenbacher due to its trusted performance and service.

Metachain™ CB-200 Designed specifically for the lubrication of the chain and roller systems on continuous wood panel presses. Metachain™ CB-200 is also approved by Dieffenbacher for its ability to reduce wear and extend bending rod life.

  • Highly resistant to carbonisation
  • Extends bending rod life
  • Lower viscosity to aid penetration
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Clean in operation
  • Reduces need to drill roller rods
  • Temperature range -10°C to +260°C

Metachain™ CB-200

Designed specifically for the lubrication of the chain and roller systems on continuous wood panel presses

Pack Sizes

Metachain™ products are supplied in 200L barrels and 1000L IBCs

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