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Features and Benefits

  • Excellent resistance to moisture and oxidation protects against corrosion induced failure
  • High-load carrying solids minimise friction and wear between wires and strands
  • Extreme resistance to water prevents the lubricant being washed from the rope

Pack Sizes

Rope-Tek™ WRD products are available in 18KG containers and 180KG barrels

Rope-Tek™ WRD 5

Non-melting multi-purpose wire rope dressing with graphite and high load additives 

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Rope-Tek™ WRD 10

Pseudoplastic wire rope dressing fortified with sub-micron solid lubricants  

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Rope-Tek™ WRD 15

Solvent reduced version of WRD 10 formulated for ease of application

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Rope-Tek™ WRD 20

Graphite reinforced pseudoplastic wire rope dressing 

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Rope-Tek™ WRD 30

Extreme temperature wire rope dressing with inorganic non-melting thickener and synthetic base oil

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Rope-Tek™ WRD 40

High performance VGP compliant wire rope lubricant. Certified EU Eco-label

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Rope-Tek™ PBL3700 ECO

VGP/EU Eco-label compliant wire rope lubricant  

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Case Study

Rope-Tek™ WRD 10 eliminates wire rope compression and reduces consumption by 62%

Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok, in Jakarta, is one of the busiest seaports in the region handling 50% of Indonesia’s trans-shipment cargo traffic. Subjected to extreme environmental stresses, the equipment at the port is maintained by PT. Jasa Peralatan Pelabuhan Indonesia (“JPPI”).

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Case Study

China’s Mega Bridge from Hong Kong to Macau Built Using Biodegradable Rope-Tek™ WRD 40

The construction of the Hong Kong to Maucau bridge, one of the longest sea bridges in the world, required vast construction across the open ocean.

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