Albert Molloy: Celebrating 30 Years at Metalube

Albert Molloy: Celebrating 30 Years at Metalube

Metalube is proud to celebrate the remarkable 30-year journey of Albert Molloy, Global Product Manager for OCG & Non-Ferrous Drawing Lubricants. As an integral part of the Metalube family, Albert’s contribution, dedication, and impact has been instrumental in shaping the company’s success and global recognition.

Albert joined Metalube with a unique background. A former Structural Engineer, he transitioned into a family business, manufacturing wire drawing dies. It was during this phase that he first crossed paths with David Lee (founder of Metalube). That encounter marked the beginning of a significant journey that has spanned three decades.

Highlights from Albert’s 30 years are numerous. From developing new accounts to playing a crucial role in expanding Metalube’s business in regions like Turkey, the UK, Europe, and beyond, Albert’s efforts have been marked by resilience, innovation, and a determination to excel.

Reflecting on his initial motivation for joining Metalube, Albert shared, “A change in personal circumstances made me seek new challenges beyond my secure environment. The accountability and challenge of moving the company forward in the early years required me to be focussed and be deliverable when developing new opportunities.”

Albert has witnessed significant changes within the company since his early days. He noted that Metalube has evolved into a more diverse organisation, embracing new horizons and markets. Throughout his journey, Albert has collaborated with a range of colleagues and teams, with praise for David Lee the founder of Metalube, visionary chemists, and ambitious young talents.

As he looks toward the future, Albert’s wealth of experience positions him well to guide the company’s direction. With eyes set on North America, he aims to lead Metalube in gaining a substantial market share in the region, ushering in a new phase of growth and expansion.

Read our Q&A with Albert about his 30 Year History

1. How did you come to work for Metalube? And what roles did you do prior to starting at Metalube?

I started my career as a Structural Engineer, I then joined the family business of manufacturing wire drawing dies, it was during this period that my industry knowledge in wire drawing was recognised by the founder of Metalube, who then invited me to join a very young and ambitious Metalube.

2. Can you share some highlights from your journey here over the past 30 years?

Identifying and developing new accounts is always very rewarding, as is the journey to achieve this. A project that has been a major part of my career for the past 20 years and one that I am extremely proud to be part of is the OCG business which started following a meeting at a conductor manufacturer that asked could Metalube develop a high-temperature grease for GAP conductor … from this Metalube has established an enviable position as a true global leader and specialist in this highly technical and challenging sector. I must also acknowledge and thank all the people I have meet and worked with over the past 30 years which have made the journey a wonderful experience.

3. What motivated you to join the company three decades ago, and how has that initial motivation evolved over the years?  

To be honest, a change in personal circumstances provided me with the opportunity to leave a secure environment and challenge my capability within a new industry sector where there was lots to learn and a lot of hard work required to grow and develop a young company, 30 years on I can look back and see with pride how Metalube has grown in both stature and reputation on the global platform with the resource and capability to continue to do this over the next exciting 30 years.

4. In your opinion, how has the company changed since you first started? Are there any major shifts or trends that you’ve observed?  

Initially Metalube started life as I manufacturer of lubricants for the non-ferrous wire and tube sector, today Metalube is a more diverse company with strategically positioned business units, distribution channels and partners supporting product use in more than 100 countries globally, advancements in technology along with a willingness to invest and expand in more specialist sectors is currently providing the correct foundation for continued growth and success.

5. Over such a long period, you must have worked with numerous colleagues and teams. Are there any specific individuals or collaborations that have left a lasting impact on you?

My mentor and founder of Metalube, an ambitious board of directors focussed on continued investment and growth, so many people within the Metalube family over the years I am going to say them all, as we go forward it is the next generations with ambition and the ability to do well that will now provide lasting impacts for the company.

6. What have been the most rewarding aspects of your job over these 30 years? Are there any moments that made you especially proud?

There are many; missionary selling, getting the Metalube business started in Turkey and then growing it to what is it today, introducing and developing the Metalube brand globally and OCG qualifications worldwide that has established Metalube as a true global leader in protective grease technology for the power transmission and distribution sector.

7. With your wealth of experience, do you have any thoughts on the future direction of the company?

Over the past 30 years, I have missionary sold, promoted, and developed Metalube around the world, I am now looking to focus my knowledge and experience on specific markets and geographical areas. As this is an exciting time for the wire and cable sector with significant investment in EV infrastructure, harnessing renewable energy, and upgrading of power transmission systems, Metalube is well positioned and resourced to support this industry sector as well as its other leading brands in other market sectors.

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