Alumol™ 145 Outperforms the Competition by 137% in Hungary


A Hungarian customer had historically used aluminium wire drawing lubricant Alumol 145 for drawing a mixture of pure and alloy aluminium rod at 25-30 m/sec on Henrich rod breakdown machines with 4000L tanks. The customer had decided to trial a locally sourced alternative lubricant at the same time as a new fill of Alumol 145.     


The comparison between the two tanks revealed that the competitor product thickened at an accelerated rate. After 8 months in operation and 2000 tonnes drawn, the lubricant had become thick to the point that it could no longer be pumped. Conversely, the Alumol 145 saw a 19 month sump life and 4520 tonnes drawn. The results showed that the machine running Alumol145 produced cleaner wire and had a much greater level of efficiency. 

The performance was further enhanced with the subsequent introduction of Alumol VRX, a performance booster developed to extend the product life of the Alumol range. As the lubricating oil comes to the end of its life, the addition of Alumol VRX is utilised to reduce the viscosity and improve the lubricity of the oil thus maintaining the high quality of the finished wire. 

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