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Features and Benefits

  • Optimum lubricating properties to ensure long tool life and enhanced surface finish of the drawn tube
  • Excellent bright annealing characteristics in heat treatment processes with inert, dry atmospheres
  • Low-fume characteristics during high speed drawing
  • High-viscosity index maintains lubricating film even at elevated temperatures
  • Lower carbon residues compared with more conventional polymer oils

Pack Sizes

Lubricool™ products are available in 205 litre barrels or 1000 litre IBCs

Tubol™ ML40

Synthetic water based mandrel lubricant for the extrusion of copper tube

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Tubol™ 333

Water miscible lubricant for cast and roller lines

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Tubol™ Extrusion Fluid

Copper tube extrusion quenching additive

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Tubol™ Pilger Fluid K

Soluble oil for use in pilger mills during the production of copper tubes

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Tubol™ 615

Low viscosity copper tube drawing lubricant for final pass drawing or sinking operations

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Tubol™ 70S

Low viscosity drawing lubricant for copper tube, rod and section

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Tubol™ 193

High-performance copper drawing lubricant for us on high speed spinner – blocks 

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Tubol™ Decoiling Fluid

Prevents the sticking/welding of tighltly wound tubes for easeir decoiling by the end user. 

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Tubol™ 1962JR

High viscosity polymeric lubricant for drawing copper tube, rods and profiles 

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Tubol™ 350 JR

A semi-synthetic high viscosity lubricant for cold drawing non ferrous tube, rod and profiles. 

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Tubol™ 431

This hybrid semi-synthetic mid viscosity lubricant delivers the optimum balance of lubrication. 

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Tubol™ 2000AL

Fully-synthetic, polymeric lubricant for cold drawing of copper and aluminium tubes 

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Tubol™ 203

Low/medium viscosity, fully synthetic copper tube drawing lubricant 

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Tubol™ 700

Low/medium viscosity semi-synthetic lubricant for the cold drawing of non ferrous tube, bar and sections.

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Case Study

Space-grade superfine wire produced for NASA using Lubricool™ 318A

Sarkuysan Elektrolitik Bakir Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş is an internationally renowned producer of a variety of copper products from rod and tube to superfine wire.

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Case Study

Metaclean™ NEC-50

Metaclean™ NEC-50 is a special additive designed to be used in conjunction with the Lubricool™ range of copper wire drawing lubricants. Metaclean™ NEC-50 has two functions; to break apart insoluble copper soaps and ‘tighten’ the emulsion improving stability, cleanliness and detergency.

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