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Features and Benefits

  • Provides optimum boundary lubrication to protect dies and provide outstanding surface finish on drawn wire
  • Excellent resistance to thermal degradation, extending service life.
  • Low viscosity aids separation of aluminium fines and pumpability in high-speed slip machines
  • Ability to absorb some moisture without compromising lubrication performance
  • Functions well with both the FILTERMET centrifugal cleaning system and Alumol™ VRX to further extend life and maximise performance, delivering significant cost savings

Pack Sizes

Alumol™ products are available in 205 litre barrels or 1000 litre IBCs

Alumol™ 1000

High viscosity oil for bull blocks and die boxes

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Alumol™ 500

High viscosity oil for bull blocks, die boxes and high speed slip machines 

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Alumol™ 195

High Temperature medium viscosity oil for rod breakdown on high speed slip machines

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Alumol™ 145

Medium viscosity oil for rod breakdown on high speed slip machines. 

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Alumol™ 80

Low viscosity oil for intermediate wire drawing

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Alumol™ 32

Low viscosity oils for fine wire drawing

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Case Study

Alumol™ 145 Outperforms the Competition by 137% in Hungary

A Hungarian customer had historically used aluminium wire drawing lubricant Alumol 145 for drawing a mixture of pure and alloy aluminium rod at 25-30 m/sec on Henrich rod breakdown machines with 4000L tanks.

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