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Metachain™ a comprehensive range of high-performance chain oils for industry

Our leading high-performance chain oils, Metachain™ are engineered to thrive in challenging high-temperature environments known to place a significant strain on lubrication performance limits.

As lubricant specialists, we have combined our technical expertise and industry knowledge to ensure the Metachain™ range excels where conventional lubricants fail to perform.

Leveraging next-generation synthetic base oils, anti-oxidants and anti-wear additives, Metachain™ is designed to excel where conventional lubricants fail to perform.

Our Metachain™ range caters to a diverse spectrum of industries:

  • Wood-based panel presses
  • Plastic film stretching
  • Glass wool and mineral oil insulation
  • Plasterboard
  • Ceramic and porcelain ovens
  • Textile stenters
  • Paint and powder coat curing ovens

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Features and Benefits

  • High resistance to oxidisation enhances lubricant lifetime at high operating temperatures
  • Significantly reduced carbonisation
  • Exceptionally low oil volatility ensures oil film stability and fluidity is maintained in-use, contributing to lowered consumption rates
  • Unique combination of anti-wear additives reduces friction and wear
  • Excellent thermal stability significantly reduces carbonisation and the formation of deposits/varnish/lacquer
  • Optimised base oil and anti-wear combinations reduces friction and wear to maintain effective lubrication and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Superior cleanliness contributes to:
    – Reduced frequency of downtime
     – Enhanced component lifetime
     – Improved production output capabilities
     – Lowered costs associated with equipment/component part replacements

How Metachain™ Maximises Production Efficiency

Metachain™ is engineered to maximise production efficiency ensuring your operations run smooth, fast and more reliably than ever before.

Each Metachain™ product has a high resistance to oxidation and carbonisation. This means you’ll experience less frequent replacements and more consistent performance. Plus, thanks to exceptionally low volatility, you can reduce lubricant consumption tenfold. Metachain™ offers a more sustainable and cost-effective solution where it matters most.

Metachain™ contains a unique blend of anti-wear additives. This minimises friction and wear protecting your machinery’s vital components whilst improving their longevity.

Furthermore, excellent thermal stability allows for extended lubrication intervals. You can wave goodbye to the days of frequent and tedious maintenance.

With Metachain™, you’re not just investing in a chain lubricant; you’re investing in the sustained peak performance and efficiency of your production processes.

Our Technical Support and Services

Metalube offers a comprehensive 12-month aftercare program for Metachain™, focusing on maximising production longevity and efficiency.

Our dedicated team conducts thorough on-site inspections before product switchover to assess key operational parameters and ensures best practices are shared and communicated effectively.

Our global presence guarantees we are available to conduct regular, routine onsite support. This allows for optimal product performance to be maintained and provides direct contact with our subject matter experts.

Our collaborative approach is paramount to our service and we pride ourselves in our customer partnerships.

Global Presence

Metalube’s extensive global presence underscores our dedication to the chain oil industry across the world. Our operational bases in 6 pivotal nations, together with a vast distribution network that covers over 100 countries, place us in an ideal position to cater to chain oil requirements globally.

Our international reach goes beyond mere logistical benefits; it forms the bedrock of our capacity to grasp and respond to the varied requirements and standards of customers across different regions.

This global footprint guarantees that we can offer customised solutions that address the specific needs of each location, ensuring Metalube is equipped to tackle any challenge that arises.

Wherever you find yourself, Metalube stands as your top choice for chain oil lubricants, combining a commitment to quality with a global scope, to provide unparalleled service and assistance.

Choosing Metalube means securing a worldwide partner committed to the success of your day to day operations.


‘By utilising new technologies and the latest innovations, Metachain is able to deliver the best quality chain oil in the industry’

Matthew Buffin, Commercial Manager

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Metalube overhead conductor grease production line

Pack Sizes

Metachain™ products are available in 200 litre barrels or 1000 litre IBCs

Metachain™ CB-100/200

Continuous press lubricants for the wood panel industry

Metachain™ CB-300/305/310

High performance, synthetic chain lubricant and cleaner for continuous panel press

Metachain™ CB-310

Multi-purpose high performance chain lubricant

Metachain™ CB-633

Continuous press lubricants for the wood panel industry

Metachain™ FG-30/35

High performance chain lubricants for the food and clean industries

Metachain™ GW-410/411

Chain lubricants for mineral and glass wool curing ovens

Metachain™ GW-411

High performance, synthetic lubricants for glass and mineral wool insulation curing ovens

Metachain™ FS-150

Chain lubricants for mineral and glass wool forming sections

Metachain™ DW-101

Chain lubricants for dry wall and gypsum board drying ovens

Metachain™ PC-125

High temperature chain lubricant for paint coating lines

Metachain™ TS-250/300

Chain lubricants for textile stenters and ceramic ovens

Metachain™ HTS

Multi-purpose high performance chain lubricant

Metachain™ NP-125

High performance, synthetic chain lubricants.

Metachain™ NP-125W

High performance, synthetic chain lubricants

Metachain™ PF

Synthetic chain lubricants for plastic film stretching machines (BOPP, BOPET, etc.)

Metachain™ DF-600


Synthetic lubricant for oven chains operating at extreme temperatures.

Dieffenbacher press machine which Metahchain chain oils are used on
Case Study

Metachain™ Saves £60,000/Year on Dieffenbacher Press By Reducing Downtime

A UK manufacturer of sustainable timber construction panels had historically used specialised belt, roller, chain and rod lubrication for their Dieffenbacher CPS+ continuous presses but had encountered issues including high carbon deposits left by lubricants, and excessive wear on bending rods.

Metalube warehouse full of barrels with new Eco-Friendly wire rope lubricant
Case Study

Metachain™ CB-100 Cuts Oil Consumption by 50% on Siempelkamp Press

A UK manufacturer of sustainable timber construction panels was experiencing issues with the bottom steel band of their 46m Siempelkamp Press running dry and depositing large amounts of carbon and waste oil.  In order to ensure consistency and adequate lubrication, the chain oils were being deliberately over applied. As a result, the press produced excess waste oil that needed to be drained at a rate of 100 litres per week.

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