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Water-soluble, high-performance lubricants for hot rolling of non-ferrous metal

Metarol™ range of high-performance lubricants are specifically developed for the hot rolling of non-ferrous metal. By utilising an optimised combination of natural and synthetic additive technologies the Metarol™ range delivers the optimum level of lubrication and protection for rolls and delivers an outstanding surface finish on the rod.  Used around the globe, the Metarol™ range is trusted by wire manufacturers and is approved by Properzi.

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Features and Benefits

  • Provides optimum boundary lubrication to protect rolls delivering oustanding surface finish.
  • Excellent resistance to thermal degradation extending service life.
  • Low viscosity aids separation of aluminium fines and pumpability.
  • Able to absorb some moisture without compromising lubrication performance.
  • Functions well with FILTERMET centrifugal cleaning system to further extend life and maximise performance.
Metalube overhead conductor grease production line

Pack Sizes

Metarol™ products are available in 205 litre barrels or 1000 litre IBCs

Metarol™ 463

High-performance aluminium hot rolling lubricant

Metarol™ Cu600

High-performance copper hot rolling fluid

Metarol™ DB

Versatile hot rolling lubricant for non-ferrous metals

Metarol™ WPCR

Anti-corrosion compound for protecting copper rods
Aluminium tube produced with Alumol wire drawing lubricant
Case Study

Metarol™ 463 Outperforms the Competition for Aluminium Rod Producer

One of the world’s largest producers of aluminium rod observed a trial between Metarol™ 463 and an indigenous hot rolling lubricant.

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