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High-performance protection grease for overhead line conductors

A range of high-performance, non-melting, cold-applied grease designed specifically for the protection and preservation of overhead line conductors.

Innovative OCG™ technology consistently delivers high-performance across the range, preserving the integrity of the overhead lines by giving optimum anti-corrosion protection and absolute minimal oil separation when used as a composite part of the conductor. The OCG™ range is fully compliant with the most stringent of international standards.

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Features and Benefits

  • Absolute minimal oil bleed at operational line and post-fault temperature
  • Optimum levels of anti-corrosion performance to ensure complete protection of the conductor in all environments particularly:
    • coastal regions
    • areas of high industrial pollution
    • areas of high humidity
  • Bespoke range to cover the operational line temperatures from ambient to 230°C
  • Highly specialised synthetic grease to withstand high temperature operations
  • Low temperature stability is controlled down to –50°C
  • Fully reversible and effective over the designated temperature rating
  • The structure and consistency of OCG™ has been optimised for ease of application and current working practices
Metalube overhead conductor grease production line

Pack Sizes

OCG™ products are available in 180 KG barrels

OCG™ 6000

High-temperature, fully synthetic grease for the protection of overhead line conductors (HTLS)

OCG™ 5500

Thermally stable semi-synthetic grease for aluminium, ACSR and OPGW overhead line conductors

OCG™ 5000

High-performance grease for aluminium, ACSR and OPGW overhead line conductors

OCG™ 4500

Protective grease for aluminium, ACSR and OPGW overhead line conductors

OCG™ 1000

Protective grease for aluminium, and ACSR overhead line conductors

OCG™ 750

Value engineered protective grease for overhead line conductors

OCG™ 220

Protective greases for overhead line compression clamps and fittings

OCG™ 1000M

Protective grease for overhead line conductors.

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