Metacare™ NEC-50

Metacare NEC-50 results after use on copper wire drawing production

Metacare™ NEC-50 is a special additive designed to be used in conjunction with the Lubricool™ range of copper wire drawing lubricants. Metacare™ NEC-50 has two functions; to break apart insoluble copper soaps and ‘tighten’ the emulsion improving stability, cleanliness and detergency.

It is best used as a conditioning fluid with regular small additions being used during scheduled housekeeping to clean the cones/capstans and die holders. It can also be used in larger amounts to postpone system clean-outs by improving the performance of spent emulsions.

A large customer in Romania was having issues with dust build-up in their rod breakdown machine. No filtration was being used and a complete system change had not been made for several years.

To improve the dust control and general condition of the emulsion a 0.15% addition of Metacare™ NEC-50 was initially recommended with routine usage recommended after. The customer decided to take samples before and after the addition to determine the effect.

As can be seen the use of Metacare™ NEC-50 has improved the condition of the emulsion. The presence of free oil/copper soaps on the surface and sticky copper deposits are drastically reduced, emulsion stability is greatly improved.


Metacare™ NEC-50 was proven to be effective at improving cleanliness in the machine and improving the quality of the emulsion.