European particle board manufacturer switches to Metachain™ and sees improvements in 3 weeks


A leading particle board manufacturer based in Europe contacted Metalube facing excessive carbon deposit build up on the chain system for their Dieffenbacher press. With the prospect of having to halt production to conduct costly maintenance procedures, including dry icing chains to remove carbon and old lubricant build-up, they were looking for a cleaner lubrication option and hoping to avoid shutdown.    

Metalube™ identified clear lubrication objectives to optimise the performance and solve their cleanliness and efficiency issues.

  • Improve cleanliness
  • Avoid maintenance shutdown
  • Improve operational efficiency

For the application, Metalube™ recommended Metachain CB-100 and Metachain CB-200


Metalube™ Commercial Manager, Matthew Buffin and Senior Development Chemist Emma Pates, conducted a site audit to assess the operating conditions and offer a solution for the manufacturer. Taking into consideration the cleanliness issues and residue on the chains, the Metalube team recommended a trial of Metachain CB-100 and CB-200. 

Metalube™ assisted the manufacturer in transitioning the lubricants on the Dieffenbacher press and regularly attended the site in the weeks following to monitor the trial. After three weeks, the manufacturer saw significant improvement in cleanliness and reduction in carbon deposits. This enabled the press to continue full production without the need to shutdown for maintenance and cleaning. 

The before and after images below directly show the difference in the carbon deposits and build-up on the chains. Once again, Metalube is delighted to have helped another happy customer achieve their objectives by switching lubricants. 

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