Lubricool™ 22G Meets the Production Demands of Bahra Cables


Bahra Cables is  one of the largest producers and distributors of industrial wire and power cable products in the Gulf Region. 

To meet product demand, Bahra Cables invested in the latest state-of-the-art, high-performance wire drawing machinery. In addition, the growing wire and cable company was searching for a lubricant solution that would meet their production and high quality objectives as well as offer technical support and guidance when needed.  

  • Meet production speeds of 36 m/sec
  • Wire diameter within the tolerance of +0.02mm 
  • Elongation of > 30%
  • Shining colour and smooth surface
  • Wire resistance within the standard tolerance

By utilising Lubricool™ in conjunction with good in-house controls, daily monitoring, filtration and the ongoing use of Metaclean™ NEC-50 as a conditioning tonic, Bahra Cables has achieved a considerable sump life, limited downtime and reduced disposal costs, which represents a significant savings in cost and environmental benefits.  A further illustration of the performance outcomes achieved can be found below. 

Lubricool™ & Metaclean™ application at Bahra Cables achieved:

  • Maximum production speeds of 36m/sec
  • Average daily production of 120 tonnes of drawn copper, equating to more than 40,000 tonnes per year on one Niehoff MM85 machine
  • Lubricool™ 22G provided 3 years' life in the 8,000L system
  • Excellent pH and emulsion stability, low maintenance, high-performance copper wire drawing lubrication was acheived.

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