Metalube™ Metachain CB-100 delivers 9% lubricant reduction in first two weeks on Siempelkamp press


An Italian particle board manufacturer contacted Metalube with tracking issues on the steel belts of their 33m Siempelkamp press. To prevent potentially damaging the steel belt, the company was forced to overlubricate, which seemed to alleviate the issue. This was not, however, a long term solution as the higher lubricant dosage increased operating costs on the particle board press, and so the company contacted Metalube™ seeking assistance in solving the issues caused by their existing lubricant.

Metalube™ identified clear lubrication objectives to optimise the performance and solve their tracking issues.

  • Eliminate tracking issues 
  • Reduce carbon deposits 
  • Reduce lubricant consumption

For the application, Metalube™ recommended Metachain CB-100


Metalube™ attended site and after an inspection of lubrication procedures and performance recommended Metachain CB-100 steel belt lubricant as a solution. It was determined that with Metachain CB-100’s extended service life through its superior anti-oxidant’s and anti-wear packages the recommended dosage level could be achieved.  Within two weeks of the application, the company saw a 9% reduction in lubricant consumption.  Other benefits included:

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