Metalube™ Metachain DW-280, delivers optimised cleanliness and 84% savings on Grenzebach board dryer.


One of the largest Indonesian plasterboard manufacturers, PT Knauf Gypsum, started to develop issues with dirty track chains and sprockets with high level of carbon deposits on their Grenzebach board dryer. PT Knauf Gypsum approached Metalube™ seeking assistance in solving the issues caused by their existing lubricant.

Metalube Metachain chain oils used on Gypsum plasterboard drying oven chain

Metalube™ identified clear lubrication objectives to help PF Knauf Gypsum optimise the performance of their manufacturing processes.

  • Clean chains and sprockets 
  • Reduce carbon deposits 
  • Reduce lubricant 

For the application, Metalube™ recommended Metachain DW-280™


Prior to switching lubricants, Metalube™ assisted PT Knauf Gypsum by deep cleaning the board dryer. This provided the optimal operating conditions for the new lubricant. After the cleaning and application of Metachain DW-280™, the factory saw vast improvement. Metachain DW-280™, which employs an advanced synthetic chain oil technology, provided increased thermal stability over previous lubricants, and yielded a much-improved overall performance for the customer. Other benefits included:

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