Metalube™ Metachain TS-300 Reduces Carbon Build Up on Brukner Stenter


Aarti International is a leading textile manufacturing group based in Punjab, India. It’s state of the art dyeing and processing unit, which has an installed capacity of 1.75 million spindles, contacted Metalube India looking for an alternative chain oil for their BRÜCKNER stenter.

They were experiencing excessive downtime due to carbon deposits on the chains, which were causing chain breakages.

Metalube™ identified clear lubrication objectives to optimise the performance and solve carbon build-up issues.

  • Eliminate carbon build-up caused by existing lubricant 
  • Reduce chain breakage 
  • Reduce operating costs

For the application, Metalube™ recommended Metachain TS-300


Prior to switching lubricants, Metalube™ assisted Aarti International by cleaning the textile stenter. This provided the optimal operating conditions for the new lubricant. After the cleaning and application of Metachain TS-300, the factory saw vast improvement. Metachain TS-300, which employs an advanced synthetic chain oil technology, provided increased thermal stability over previous lubricants, and yielded a much-improved overall performance for the customer.

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