Metalube™ Advocates for Sustainable Manufacturing

Metalube™ Advocates for Sustainable Manufacturing

Metalube™, a leading global lubricant manufacturer, continues its unwavering commitment to sustainability by championing eco-conscious practices and advocating for a greener future. The company’s attainment of the prestigious Gold Status from EcoVadis, ranking it among the top 5% of companies dedicated to exemplary sustainable practices, has further galvanised Metalube’s pursuit of environmental stewardship.

Recently, Metalube’s MD, Robert Brown, was honoured to be invited to speak in two pivotal conferences: the IWMA ‘Energy Innovates’ Conference in Birmingham and the CIGRE conference, highlighting Metalube’s pioneering role in sustainable manufacturing and the significance of prolonging the life of aluminium overhead line conductors using specialised greases.

Robert Brown speaks on sustainability at the IWMA ‘Energy Innovates’ Conference

The ‘Energy Innovates’ Conference, organised by the International Wire & Machinery Association (IWMA), served as a platform to align efforts towards achieving Net-Zero-Emissions by 2050. Robert Brown’s involvement underscored Metalube’s position as a frontrunner among the UK’s eco-conscious wire and lubricant manufacturers. His contributions emphasised Metalube’s eco-journey and how the company has streamlined its manufacturing processes to enhance energy efficiency.

Moreover, Robert Brown’s participation in the CIGRE conference highlighted the crucial importance of extending the lifespan of aluminium overhead line conductors through the application of specialised greases. He emphasized the environmental of unlubricated overhead line conductors, noting that 4 tons of bauxite ore is required to produce 1 ton of aluminium, often through hazardous surface mining practices.

“The aluminium industry’s significant contribution to manmade greenhouse gas emissions demands a proactive approach,” said Robert Brown, MD of Metalube™. “Our focus on greased versus ungreased aluminium conductors demonstrates the pivotal role of extending asset life, mitigating environmental impact, and maximizing sustainability in energy distribution.”

using sustainability to ACSR Conductor

The comparison between a failed ungrea​sed ACSR conductor in a coastal region of Italy after 5 years and a fully greased conductor in line replacement, operational for over 15 years, highlights the potential for longevity and sustainability in aluminium conductors. Metalube™ seeks to pioneer further grease innovations to extend the life of these essential assets.

“Aluminium remains indispensable in the future of energy distribution,” added Brown. “Our responsibility is to maximize sustainability, minimise carbon footprint, and seek optimal payback on emissions through innovative approaches and a commitment to environmental longevity.”

Metalube™ continues to champion sustainable manufacturing practices, with 20% of technical staff dedicated to developing sustainable products, reaffirming the company’s dedication to shaping a more eco-aware and environmentally responsible industry.

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