METALUBE Assists Lubricant Transition for Italian Wood Panel Press

METALUBE Assists Lubricant Transition for Italian Wood Panel Press

Metachain on wood panel press

Leading lubricant manufacturer METALUBE has recently supported a lubricant transfer on behalf of a new customer in Italy.  Commercial manager, Matthew Buffin and senior development chemist, Emma Pates were on site assisting with the move from a competitor chain oil to METALUBE Metachain™ CB-100 steel belt lubricant and Metalife™  CB-401 High temperature white grease.  The new products were being applied to a 33 metre Siempelkamp particle board press.

METALUBE is well versed in supporting customers transitioning to its lubricants and the company offers a seam free service with technical and commercial teams on-hand to be on site worldwide.  This is carried through to ongoing customer service support and logistics assistance throughout the transition period and going forward.

Matthew Buffin commented: “Our new customer in Italy experienced first-hand the METALUBE service ethos.  We started the process with a site assessment, evaluating the existing lubricant, machine condition, operating environment along with the output of the machine.   We then returned to the site when the Metachain™ lubricant was delivered.  Tests were carefully conducted to set a base level of the machine and the old lubricant.  Once these tests were completed, we were on hand to drain all existing lubricants,  and refill with the new high-performance lubricants from Metalube.”

He adds: “Now the machine is back up and running, our team in our state-of-the-art laboratory alongside the commercial team will continue to monitor and assist where needed, making more site visits whenever needed.”

As displayed on the images, the previous lubricant on the Siempelkamp machine in Italy shows dark, burnt oil with high levels of carbon deposits.  This indicates that the oil has a lesser resistance to thermal degradation and dries in application, in turn, the press requires more lubrication, increasing consumption and therefore cost.   With the METALUBE’s range of high-performance chain oils, the machine operates in much better conditions, with just a clear film of oil rather than the burnt high carbon deposited that previously occurred on the machine, bringing oil consumption down and significantly reducing operating costs. 

METALUBE’s highly skilled and experienced staff are available for site visits globally to assist with the change of lubricants on machines. To find out more and contact us to arrange an initial visit click below:

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