Metalube® COVID-19 Update

Metalube® COVID-19 Update

Metalube chemist analysing lubricant in test tube

As apprehension surrounding the Coronavirus/COVID-19 grows within the UK and around the globe, we understand that there may be some concern regarding the ongoing supply and availability of Metalube products. As you will be aware, the Coronavirus is affecting many aspects of manufacturing and international trade. At Metalube, we have taken the following precautions to ensure that there aren’t any disruptions to the manufacturing of products for our customers.

  • The Metalube supply chain has been engineered to be malleable, and mitigate any risks caused by raw material shortages.
  • We have made provisions to provide additional support staff to production, which will eliminate any risk of the virus affecting the production of goods.
  • We have also increased stockholding, in order to limit any impact on supply to our customers or future orders.
  • As a global business, we have invested heavily in a digital infrastructure that allows the majority of our staff to work from home without negatively impacting the daily operations of Metalube. This ensures the safety of our staff whilst also limiting opportunities for community exposure.

Unfortunately, as an export business, there are aspects of international trade that are beyond our control. An unforeseen consequence of the Coronavirus appears to be a shortage in freight forwarding capacity. At this point in time, we are seeing significant increases in freight costs, and perhaps more concerning the rapid decline in number of vessels available for shipment. In order to ensure our customers receive the most accurate pricing and availability, Metalube will be ‘spot pricing’ shipments at the point of order. If, however, you feel you are able to ship your goods with an alternative forwarder then we would be happy to supply your goods on an ‘ex-works’ basis.

We understand that the situation is fast-evolving and will continue to support our customers. We hope that this email has helped to alleviate any concerns regarding future orders. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by clicking here or calling us at +44 ((0)161 775 7771

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