Metalube Lubricool™ 22G Delivers High-Performance and Meets Production Targets at Bahra Cables

Metalube Lubricool™ 22G Delivers High-Performance and Meets Production Targets at Bahra Cables

Lubricool copper wire drawing lubricant high performance on production line

Bahra Cables, one of the largest producers and distributors of industrial wire and power cable products in the Gulf Region, has achieved high-performance targets by using Metalube’s specialist wire drawing lubricants – Lubricool 22G and Metaclean NEC-50. Both lubricants are being used on the company’s new state-of-the-art high-performance Niehoff MM85 – twin wire copper rod breakdown machine.

By using Metalube Lubricool 22G in conjunction with, good in-house controls, daily monitoring, filtration and the ongoing use of Metalube Metaclean NEC-50 as a conditioning tonic, Bahra Cables is achieving notable maximum production speeds of 36 m/ sec along with an average daily production of 120 tonnes of drawn copper per day equating to 40,000T per year on one machine. Lubricool 22G has also provided an impressive 3 years’ life in the 8,000L system. The product has excellent pH and emulsion stability and is low maintenance making it a durable and high-performance copper wire drawing lubricant. Bahra Cables has achieved a considerable sump life, limited downtime and reduced disposal costs, which represents a significant savings in cost and added environmental benefits.

Albert Molloy of Metalube says: “From humble beginnings in 2008, Bahra Cables is now one of the leading wire and cable companies operating in the Gulf Region. We are delighted that Metalube’s products and technical services have played a role in their growth and helped them to achieve their production goals. We are looking forward to what the future holds for our partnership.”

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