Metalube™ Provides The Solution For Water Miscible Aluminium Wire Drawing Lubricants


Traditionally neat oil technology has been used for the drawing of aluminium and aluminium alloy rod and wire, however over the past few years water miscible lubricants have been introduced and evaluated with variable results. 

When switching from neat oil to water miscible, or commissioning a new machine with a water miscible, system design and filtration must be considered to manage and control the high levels of aluminium fines generated, as increased control and management of the systems is needed. 


Metalube™  recommend Lubricool 44 for the drawing of aluminum and aluminium alloy rod, intermediate and fine wire.  

With its proven capability Lubricool 44 is trusted by leading wire producers globally including Europe, North America, South America, South Africa and China who are seeing huge success, producing high-quality wire, efficiently.  

Following success at a plant in North America, we asked the Head of Production about Lubricool 44: 

“Lubricool 44 is a great success in our plant. It allowed us to eliminate straight oil from our intermediate drawing lines. I believe that the emulsion outperforms the straight oil. The plant is cleaner, safer and environmentally friendlier. The employees are happy with the change.”

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