Metalube® Metachain™ Lubricants Receive Approval from Dieffenbacher

Metalube® Metachain™ Lubricants Receive Approval from Dieffenbacher

Dieffenbacher press machine which Metahchain chain oils are used on

Dieffenbacher, the world leading manufacturer of press systems and complete production plants for wood-based panels has given METALUBE’s range of wood panel lubricants Metachain™ official approval for use in its press systems.


Douglas Hunt, Commercial Director at METALUBE says: “This is exciting news and we are thrilled to see Metachain™ now formally recognised in Dieffenbacher manuals.  The range does not compete with any other lubricant as it uses brand new technology that has undergone stringent testing over a number of years on various Dieffenbacher machines globally and the results have been exceptional.”


He adds: “In one plant after four years of testing Metachain™ CB100/200 on continuous presses the customer realised savings equating to £60,000 per annum in avoided maintenance and a two percent increase in output and plant efficiency.  This really does prove that our new lubricant technology makes a difference.”


Traditionally manufacturers of sustainable timber construction panels use specialised belt, roller, chain and rod lubrication for their Dieffenbacher CPS and CPS+ continuous presses, but these also create issues such as carbon deposits left by lubricants, and wear on bending rods.  METALUBE’s MetachainTM uses brand new technology and is a range of fully synthetic, high-temperature chain oils. The range has been formulated using the latest synthetic base oils, antioxidants and anti-wear additives to meet the specific demands of chain applications in high-temperature processes, where conventional oils fail to perform.

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