METALUBE Metachain™ Saves £60,000/Year on Dieffenbacher Press By Reducing Downtime

METALUBE Metachain™ Saves £60,000/Year on Dieffenbacher Press By Reducing Downtime

Dieffenbacher press machine which Metahchain chain oils are used on

After running Metachain™ CB-100 & CB-200 for 3 years on two Dieffenbacher continuous presses, a METALUBE® customer has realised significant savings equating to over £60,000/year in avoided maintenance and a 2% increase in output and plant efficiency.

The manufacturer of sustainable timber construction panels had historically used specialised belt, roller, chain and rod lubrication for their Dieffenbacher CPS continuous presses but had encountered issues including high carbon deposits left by lubricants, and excessive wear on bending rods. To improve efficiency and optimise machine performance, METALUBE® recommended a trial of Metachain™ CB-100 for the steel belts with Metachain™ CB-200 specified for the chain and roller rod system.

The customer goes on to add ‘“previously, when we used other ranges of wood panel lubricants, we experienced issues with high levels of carbon build up in the rollers meaning a constant requirement to drill out the residue to prevent alignment problems. Since switching to Metachain™ this highly labour-intensive task has been eliminated allowing us to focus our maintenance team on other key tasks during the time-restricted shut-down periods. Wear rates on the bending rods is minimal and we are on target to reduce our annual spend on replacement rods by a minimum of 25%.”


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