Metalube™ to Debut at Wire Middle East Africa 2023 to Showcase Full Range of High-Performance Wire Drawing Lubricants and Protective Greases for Overhead Line Conductors

Metalube, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-performance lubricants, is excited to announce its participation in WIRE Middle East Africa 2023, one of the region’s premier trade fairs for the wire and cable industry. The event will take place from 2nd – 4th September at the Egypt International Exhibition Centre in Cairo.  Metalube will be showcasing its cutting-edge wire & cable products along with OCG a specialist grease range for overhead power cables.

WIRE Middle East Africa is recognised for bringing together industry experts, professionals, and leading companies to explore the latest advancements in the wire and cable sectors. With a strong commitment to innovation and excellence, Metalube is eager to present its world class range of lubrication solutions designed specifically for the wire and cable industries.

Albert Molloy, Global Product Manager – OCG & Non-Ferrous Drawing Lubricants will be attending the event. Renowned for his extensive knowledge and expertise in the wire and cable lubrication industry, Mr. Molloy is looking forward to networking with fellow professionals and forging new partnerships during the event.

“We are thrilled to be part of WIRE Middle East Africa 2023,” said Albert Molloy. “This event provides an excellent platform for us to connect with industry leaders, share our latest innovations, and understand the evolving demands of the market.”

Metalube’s participation in WIRE Middle East Africa reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that surpass industry standards. As a prominent player in the lubricant market, Metalube is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly and performance-driven products that meet the ever-changing needs of its global clientele.

The Metalube Group, a group of industrial lubricants brands – Metalube, Molyslip and Vapor-Tek.  The company exports 95% of its production to over 100 countries worldwide and has offices in Manchester, Dubai, Mumbai, São Paulo and Shanghai. From its UK headquarters in Manchester the company has a fully-integrated lubricant manufacturing facility, including state-of-the-art laboratories. 

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