Metalube Welcomes Andy Lewis as Commercial Manager Wire & Tube

Metalube Welcomes Andy Lewis as Commercial Manager Wire & Tube

Metalube announce Andy Lewis high performance wire and tube drawing lubricants

Leading industrial lubricants manufacturer Metalube has appointed Andy Lewis as Commercial Manager – wire & tube. 

Andy is a well-known figure across the industry and comes to Metalube from the International Wire and Machinery Association (IWMA), where he had been executive manager for the past 11 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of the global wire and machinery trade to his new role. 

Metalube commercial director Douglas Hunt said: “We’re really excited to have Andy on board. His knowledge of the industry is beyond anything we could have hoped for. 

“It’s also fabulous for us to welcome an old friend to the Metalube family; he will be working alongside experienced colleagues in the wire and cable sector, so we know our lubricant business will continue to thrive.”

We asked Andy a few questions to get us all better acquainted:

1.What most excites you about joining Metalube?

Metalube is a truly innovative company in its field, so I’m definitely looking forward to the opportunity to contribute to its continuing growth, and the chance to improve my own skills. Wire and cable is such a vast sector and expanding all the time; no one can know everything, but a livewire company like this can certainly be there at the forefront of developments, so I aim to grow my own knowledge alongside my new colleagues. It’s exciting to join such a great team and help to build on Metalube’s great foundation and growth potential.

2. Which international market are you most looking forward to visiting?

With the IWMA I spent a lot of time travelling to the big international shows to meet member-companies and talk to their senior staff. What interests me about this role is that it won’t be about speaking to as many people as possible over a couple of days, but talking to fewer colleagues with a common cause on specific projects, which should be fascinating. As far as geography goes, I am particularly looking forward to spending time with customers and colleagues in Southeast Asia, which is a market with huge potential for Metalube.

3. What motivates you to work hard?

I think Metalube is one of those businesses for which people want to work hard; and I know that for me, being able to contribute to its success and having the chance to make an impact are major factors. Having a strong sense of purpose in life is really important.

4. What is your proudest accomplishment?

For obvious reasons, the last few years have been difficult for everyone. So the professional achievement I am most proud of – so far – is really my previous role. During my time there, we   completely revamped and modernised the look and structure of the organisation.  Like everybody else, the IWMA suffered badly from the effects of the pandemic, but with careful management and a supportive board we managed to get through it successfully. Happily, the organisation is starting to thrive again, so for me it was time for a new challenge.  

5. How do you spend your time outside of work?

I love spending my free-time outdoors as much as possible, whether walking or watching sports.

6. If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

I could say climbing a mountain or walking the fells, but the truth is there’s really only one thing that qualifies: spending time with my family.

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