Metalube Wins Silver EcoVadis Medal – Putting It in the Top 25% of Sustainable Companies

Metalube Wins Silver EcoVadis Medal – Putting It in the Top 25% of Sustainable Companies


Metalube®, has been awarded the Silver Status by EcoVadis, a third-party sustainability rating organisation. The Silver Status designation puts Metalube® in the top 25% of sustainable companies. 

EcoVadis ratings are measured in four key areas including, environmental impact, labour and human rights and ethics & sustainable procurement. The Silver EcoVadis rating validates the efforts of the employees and management at Metalube®, who together embarked on the sustainability project in 2019.

The award comes after the culmination of the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26, which has been followed closely by the company. As a carbon-neutral company, Metalube® is continuously investing in sustainability projects, focusing on making the company more environmentally friendly every day. From developing ranges of environmentally friendly lubricant solutions for industry to installing solar panels on buildings and planting thousands of trees, Metalube® recognises that it will take a multi-prong effort to make a positive impact.

Robert Brown, Managing Director says: “Sustainability is key to Metalube. We are actively auditing every unit of the business to improve sustainable working practices. Whilst we are delighted to receive the Silver Status by EcoVadis, we have set our sights high and hope to soon achieve gold. He adds: “Achieving the EcoVadis Silver Award proves we are making steps in the right direction in our constant pursuit of sustainability. It has also encouraged us to commit to meeting our rigorous environmental targets.” 

Read more about Metalube® Corporate Social Responsibility here. 

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