Metalube’s Forklifts Go Electric

Metalube’s Forklifts Go Electric

Electric green fork lifts

Leading lubricant manufacturer Metalube, has purchased for its Irlam Manchester UK plant seven all electric forklift trucks, replacing its entire fleet from LPG (liquid propane gas) to electric.  The switch to Mitsubishi Electric Forklifts will save the company an estimated 31,500kg of CO2 and the trucks are around 50% quieter.

Commenting of the new investment Production Manager, Graham Clarkson says: “The benefits of upgrading our trucks are many.  We will reduce maintenance with zero oil and filter changes along with reduced tyre wear due to a unique four-wheel steering system.”

Graham adds: “Safety is another advantage.  These new models have a fail-safe seat belt system that can be set so the forklift cannot be operated unless the operator has the seatbelt connected around their waist.  Mitsubishi Curve Control is also fitted to our machines, this automatically reduces the machine travel speed when turning corners, reducing the chance of an accident.”

Mitsubishi Electric Forklifts are around 300mm shorter than the company’s previous trucks, this means the driver has more space to turn, reducing the chances of an accident in confined spaces.  They are fitted with advanced blue light technology that project a blue spotlight on to the floor ahead of the forklift when in reverse, alerting pedestrians that a truck is in the vicinity.

METALUBE is part of the Bishopdale Group, a private holding company for a group of industrial lubricants brands – Metalube, Molyslip and UOP.  The company exports 95% of its production to over 90 countries worldwide and has offices in Manchester, Dubai, Mumbai, São Paulo and Shanghai.  From its headquarters in Irlam, Manchester the company has a fully integrated lubricant manufacturing facility, including new state-of-the-art laboratories. 07551 235389








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