Metarol™ 463 Outperforms the Competition for Aluminium Rod Producer


One of the world’s largest producers of aluminium rod observed a trial between Metarol™ 463 and an indigenous hot rolling lubricant. The trial was evaluated in a 15,000 litre tank supplying to PROPERZI 10T/hour hot rolling line. 

  • The typical final rod size was 9.5mm
  • A combination of EC grad and aluminium alloy were hot rolled

The following targets were set for evaluation:

  • For EC/pure aluminium – reduce the existing maximum emulsion concentration of 16%
  • Extend the emulsion life over 6 months
  • Reduce the consumption rate from current 0.25L per tonne 
  • Stabilised performance at higher temperatures 

After assessing the trial, it was concluded that Metarol™ 463 surpassed the expectations of the aluminium rod manufacturer. 

  • The trial ran successfully for over 9 months
  • The consumption was reduced from 0.25 to 0.20L per tonne of rod drawn
  • During application/use, the emulsion was maintained at 10% concentration for EC/pure grade aluminium as compared to 16% previously.
  • Temperature stabilisation was achieved. The highest temperatures recorded during complex alloy drawing was 72°C

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