New Emphasis on European Wood Panel Industry as Metalube® Partners with Plastic Vision

New Emphasis on European Wood Panel Industry as Metalube® Partners with Plastic Vision

Metalube partners with Plastic Vision

Leading lubricant manufacturer, Metalube has joined forces with German Partner, Plastic Vision to market Metachain™ – a range of fully synthetic, high-temperature chain oils created for wood-based panel presses. The range has been formulated using the latest synthetic base oils, anti-oxidants and anti-wear additives to meet the specific demands of chain applications in high-temperature processes where conventional oils fail to perform.

Plastic Vision is highly experienced in international procurement including purchase, production, and logistics.  The partnership with Metalube will focus on the whole of Europe including Russia and Turkey.  The Plastic Vision team will be led by industry expert Uwe Berghahn, who has over 30 years’ experience within the wood panel industry, working for 10 years for leading manufacturers.   Commenting on the collaboration Uwe says: “We are really excited to take Metachain™ to the European market.  We know that further afield in South America the product is running on some of the world’s largest presses and giving producers significant annual savings in volume reduction alone.”

Metalube’s Commercial Manager, Matthew Buffin adds: “We are really confident that Plastic Vision, led by Uwe has the depth of knowledge in machine manufacturing to make significant inroads into the European Wood Press market.   Metachain™ is a relatively new lubricant but is now fully tried and tested with fantastic results – we know that it withstands more load and temperature and can significantly outlast even the best alternative chain oils.”

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