Wood Panel Manufactures Embrace New Lubricant Technology from METALUBE

Wood Panel Manufactures Embrace New Lubricant Technology from METALUBE

Metalube Metachain chain oil lubricant

Metachain™ a range of fully synthetic, high-temperature chain oils created for wood-based panel presses by lubricant leader METALUBE, is taking the wood panel industry by storm.  In recent months, the latest in lubricant technology has been introduced onto five new presses in Europe and is now the lubricant market leader for wood panel presses across South America.  The products are being used on both Siempelkamp and Dieffenbacher presses helping machines run cleaner with improved operational efficiency.

The Metachain™ range has been formulated using the latest synthetic base oils, anti-oxidants and anti-wear additives to meet the specific demands of chain applications in high-temperature processes, such as wood panel presses, where conventional oils fail to perform.

Matthew Buffin, commercial Manager, of METALUBE says:  To be market leader, across the whole of South America, in such a short time, is indeed an accolade for Metachain.  Customers using our range of products are seeing benefits from maximising efficiency, to reduced downtime and cost savings. “

He adds: “Traditionally manufacturers of sustainable timber construction panels use specialised belt, roller, chain, and rod lubrication for their continuous presses, but these also create costly issues such as carbon deposits left by lubricants and wear on bending rods.   The growth and speed of uptake from clients to our new technology is remarkable with many of our customers previously using the same lubricants for decades.  By putting their faith in Metachain they are now witnessing first hand a revolution in technology giving them incredible benefits and savings.”

To find out more about METALUBE’s market-leading chain oil range, visit Metachain™

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