Significant Savings for One of The World’s Largest Siempelkamp Continuous Wood Panel Presses

Significant Savings for One of The World’s Largest Siempelkamp Continuous Wood Panel Presses

Siempelkamp chain oils

Our groundbreaking chain oil Metachain CB100™ is giving annual savings of £125,000 in volume reduction alone to one of the largest Siempelkamp presses in the world, based in South America.

The customer experienced issues with the previous lubricant boiling-off and leaving the steel band dry and carbonized. To overcome this, the dosage was significantly increased to keep the belt lubricated. The result of this over-lubrication was the collection of approximately 1000ltrs of waste oil per month, which needed to be disposed of. Metalube inspected the press and recommended Metachain CB-100 as an alternative to this application.

Commenting on the results, Metalube’s Commercial Manager, Matthew Buffin says: “The results have been remarkable. The volume has returned to recommended manufacturers levels without any issues of drying or carbonization. Analysis of the belt shows a much better film of oil which is clean and lubricious. This is great news for Metalube as it shows Metachain CB-100 withstands more load and temperature and can significantly outlast even the best alternative chain oils. The client is of course delighted.”

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