Metalube® Metachain™ Is Put To The Test Outperforming Competition

Metalube® Metachain™ Is Put To The Test Outperforming Competition

Metachain chain oils cleanliness

What sets Metachain apart from other High-Performance Chain Oils on the market?

It’s simple, Cleanliness. Technical Director Chris Nettleship, along with a team of development chemists, spent years perfecting Metachain™ range to what you see today.

According to Nettleship, who has over 25 years in lubrication development, ‘It’s really easy to formulate a lubricant with good anti-wear properties. The same can be said for developing a lubricant that appears to have low volatility’ the issue, he goes on to add ‘ is that quite often an oil will demonstrate a low volatility in testing, but the reason for that is that it’s polymerising and becoming a solid. Definitely not what you want from what is supposed to be a liquid lubricant’.

So whats the key?

In simple terms, it is good lubrication and anti-wear properties combined with genuine low volatility and exceptional resistance to oxidation, so that the oil remains a functional liquid rather than a polymerised solid. Sounds simple, but in laboratory testing of Metachain™ products against leading competitors, we found that after 46 hours all products with exception of Metachain™ had seen levels of carbonisation, increased viscosity and some products even thickened into a paste. See the diagram for more details.

How does Metachain compare with other High-Temperature Chain Oils?

Metachain™ customers continually report improved performance and cleanliness when using Metalube products. What we commonly see with prospective customer accounts is multi-level degradation of competitor products. Some of this degradation is “by design”, for instance with anti-wear additives which should work by reacting with metals under the effect of temperature caused by microscopic friction. Putting the wrong type of these additives in a hot environment can initiate the breakdown process even before the friction induced reaction. This premature degradation combined with the lubricant being assaulted by oxygen, catalytic metals and heat results in deposit formation and poor cleanliness.

Metachain™ products combine a propriety blend of advanced additives, each carefully chosen to have  with the right level of resistance and stability individually and as a system to create a high-temperature chain oil which remains clean, eliminating the risk of deposit formation and lubricant degradation.

Read the lab report here 

What does this mean for Metalube Metachain™ Customers?

  • Less maintenance
  • Increased cleanliness
  • Reduction in deposit formation

Read more about the benefits of Metachain™ here

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