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Features and Benefits

  • Provides protection against environmental factors during transport and storage
  • Superior wetting giving an even coating and reliable protection
  • Self-healing thixotropic films provide protection from accidental contact
  • Dewatering additives remove harmful moisture
  • Low VOC and water-based products negate legislation against vapours without any subsequent decreased in performance
  • Barium, Boron and Formaldehyde release biocide free
  • Easily applied by several methods, spray, dip, brush, etc.

Pack Sizes

Meta-Shield™ products are available in 205 litre barrels or 1000 litre IBCs

Meta-Shield™ WX4000

Long-term, water-based rust preventative for protection of metallic components

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Meta-Shield™ W1000C

Water dilutable rust preventative concentrate for the protection of metallic components 

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Meta-Shield™ W1000D

Water-based rust preventative for the protection of metallic compnents 

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Meta-Shield™ CSP

Solvent-based rust preventatives for protection of ferrous metals in acidic atmospheres  

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Case Study

Top Tubes makes savings of 30% by switching to Metalube® products

Top Tubes Ltd of Wednesbury, UK, is a manufacturer of steel tubes and uses Metalube® compatible water-based tube manufacturing products

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