Top Tubes makes savings of 30% by switching to Metalube® products


Top Tubes Ltd of Wednesbury, UK, is a manufacturer of steel tubes and uses Metalube® compatible water-based tube manufacturing products:

This package proposed by Metalube® is used in the forming and protection of tube manufactured from aluminised, black, cold rolled, hot rolled (pickled and dipped), and galvanised steels. 


The use of Metalube® Cool-Tek™ 250 and Meta-Shield™ W1000D package removed the issues by stabilising emulsification which prevented variations in cleanliness and lubrication.

It also provided superior corrosion protection on both the inside and outside bore of the tubes. The deposited rust preventative film gives a clean and bright finish to the tubes and is easier to remove by the end user.

The odour within the factory was markedly improved and the risk of free greatly reduced. The finished tube was cleaner and there was an improvement in overall mill cleanliness.

The switch to Cool-Tek™ 250 and Meta-Shield™ W1000D gave a significant reduction in cost of over 30%.

Cool-Tek™ & Meta-Shield™ application at Tops Tubes achieved:

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