Metaform™ W550EP Extends Tool Life by 300%


Brandauer are a leading independent high-precision metal component specialist based in the Midlands. Using high speed presses, predominantly Bruderer, they manufacture components from a variety of metals including titanium, stainless steel, high carbon steel, aluminium, phosphor bronze and other complex copper-based alloys such as beryllium copper.

Brandauer also produce their own push-fit connector technology and process a number of specialist materials with specific conditions such as bi-metallic inlays and selective plating. Markets include automotive, medical, energy, micro engineering, telecommunication and construction.

Metaform W550EP was introduced in a trial process to improve productivity. Other trialists included the incumbent suppliers. Trials were undertaken on stainless steel push fit grab rings, 0.35mm and 0.8mm 316 stainless steel.


Initial trials were carried out on 0.35mm stainless steel grab rings. Tool life was monitored and it was found that the use of Metaform W550EP extended tool life from an average run expectancy of 4 million components to 16 million components.

Expanded trials on 0.8mm stainless steel heavy duty grab rings again showed a great improvement, with tool life extended from 500 components to over 27,000 components.

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