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Features and Benefits

  • Wide range of lubricants for all warm and cold forming processes
  • Highly effective boundary and EP lubrication specially selected for each application
  • Suitable for use on a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Designed for use with the latest equipment
  • Chlorine-free and both Chlorine and Sulphur free products
  • Low odour and pleasant to use
Metalube overhead conductor grease production line

Pack Sizes

Metaform™ products are available in 20 litre, 205 litre barrels or 1000 litre IBCs

Metaform™ PE36

Oil-based, low-viscosity product with strong level of EP and anti-wear additives 

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Metaform™ HT-600

Heavy-duty forming fluid with solid lubricant

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Metaform™ FL50

Very light evaporative product for aluminium fine forming

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Metaform™ FL120

Light evaporative product that leaves very low residue 

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Metaform™ FE100

Moderate evaporative product that leaves a light oily residue 

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Metaform™ W550EP

Heavy-duty water extendable forming liquid

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Metaform™ 250

Multi-purpose production lubricant 

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Metaform™ CR10 & CR20 

Cold rolling oils for copper

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Case Study

Metaform™ W550EP Extends Tool Life by 300%

Brandauer are a leading independent high-precision metal component specialist based in the Midlands. Using high speed presses, predominantly Bruderer, they manufacture components from a variety of metals including titanium, stainless steel, high carbon steel, aluminium, phosphor bronze and other complex copper-based alloys such as beryllium copper.

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Case Study

Metaform™ W550EP Passes the Test at APS Metal Pressings Ltd

APS Metal Pressings Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer of precision metal pressings and metal stampings, based in Birmingham, UK. Utilising fully automated progression and transfer presses, APS supplies components to the automotive, construction, consumer, mining, DIY, and bathroom products industries.

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