Metaform™ W550EP Passes the Test at APS Metal Pressings Ltd


APS Metal Pressings Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer of precision metal pressings and metal stampings, based in Birmingham, UK. Utilising fully automated progression and transfer presses, APS supplies components to the automotive, construction, consumer, mining, DIY, and bathroom products industries.

APS Metal Pressings exclusively use AIDA Presses to stamp, press and deep draw components from a variety of steels.

APS Metal Pressings has historically sourced lubricants from a number of suppliers including Varol, Irmco and Rocol. However, during a recent trial producing a special deep drawn stainless steel component, APS experienced a number of issues as a result of lubrication:

  • A lack of lubricity resulting in scratching and splitting of components
  • Staining of components from aggressive lubricity additives
  • The release of corrosive fumes by the lubricant, which attacked the press
  • Issues during cleaning of finished components

After assessing the production, Metalube® recommended Metaform™ W550EP, a water-extendable metal forming fluid capable of being used neat or diluted. Initial trials performed using Metaform™ W550EP in its neat form showed greatly improved surface finish with no staining or scratching plus the added advantage of being very easy to clean off.

Trials were repeated with Metaform™ W550EP diluted 50% in water and it was still found to give superior levels of lubrication and a high standard of cleanliness.

Metaform™ W550EP has subsequently been adopted across the factory and is used from 10%-50% concentration for all manufacturing.

Andy Smith, APS Works Director said: “It is unbelievable the level of improvement that can be achieved in production and in downsteam processing, such as cleaning, simply by switching to a higher quality lubricant.”


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